Profile :

Vss Systems was established in 1993. Company providing the PVC strip doors and other products in fast globalizing indian industries. VSS Systems has earned the reputation and set the standard nationwide for quality, service, and prices.Our team of well-knit engineers and fully professional human resource manage our nationwide customer base.

Mission :

  • Follow ethical business practices to achieve our goals.


Products :

  • Roll Flex
  • flexi Door
  • Environa Air Curtains
  • Hygiene Equipments
  • Fly Killer


Roll Flex :

The advanced design of the Roll flex Door delivers a secure fit that is ideal for protecting sensitive product and work environment.



Flexi Door :

The Flexi-Door is a hinged crash door which is suitable for internal industrial applications. It is generally used for functional access between two rooms for both personnel and vehicles such as fork lift trucks.



Environa air curtains :

Invisible dust has a telling effect on sensitive electronic equipments like Computers and the sort. It goes without saying prevention is always better then cure. Dust prevention is no longer a luxury but necessity in almost all spheres of life



Hygiene Equipments :

Now a days much emphasis is laid on Hygiene & Cleanliness. Then why neglect your wash room. We have introduced the new range of Automatic Urinal Flashes, Soap Dispense & wide range of Hand Dryer.




Fly Killer :

fly-killing device is used for pest control of flying insects, such as houseflies, wasps, moths, gnats, and mosquitos. Most such devices are lethal to insects, but some designs can be used for live capture and later release.



Contacts : 

91, 1st Floor,Temple Road
Malleswaram Bangalore – 560 003
Ph: +91-80-2331 2527 / 2334 6247
Fax: +91-80-2344 7571
Mobile: 098452 93851
Email : [email protected],